Rainbow Rope

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Rainbow NERDS on a chewy, fruity string. Those sweet little sparks, all together they swing. A tasty rope, packed with crunchy, sweet NERDS. A candy so tasty, there aren’t even words.


Rainbow nerds

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1 for $25.00, 5 for $100, 50 for $750

5 reviews for Rainbow Rope

  1. jakie vani

    love this nerds the flavor is awsome and tasty

  2. willson

    These are fabulous, my tricker-treaters are going to go mad with joy (and on Halloween, that’s priceless). I tried one, for a quality test, and it was the best I’d ever encountered! This order was perfect and as a non-bot human being I give it my highest reccomendation!

  3. Rash steve

    Love these. The package says it’s new packaging, but the same product. The ropes are actually smaller than the ones in the old packaging. The prices makes me to order more online than they are in the store

  4. jackie Nancy

    These arrived quickly and in good shape despite the cold weather . We used them to make Nerd DNA for a science party. They turned out to be super easy to work with and looked great. The kids seemed to enjoy eating them as well! We used a mix of these purplish ones and the red ones.

  5. clarkson

    Handed these nerd ropes out for Halloween and what can I say, they’re nerd ropes, of course they were delicious!!! I was shocked at the amount of ropes in each box,

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