Very Berry Rope

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very berry nerds rope

Crunchy berry NERDS, sweet and sour together. All stuck on a soft, chewy rope like, forever. Until you come along and eat the whole thing. All veryest berryest NERDS on a string.


very berry nerds ropes

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1 for $25.00, 5 for $100, 50 for $750

5 reviews for Very Berry Rope

  1. Bridgert Anger

    These are the freshest nerd ropes I’ve ever had

  2. sampson

    Nerds ropes are one of my favorite candies, they’re a satisfying mix of crunchy and chewy

  3. kerry blizz

    Buy this. I keep it at my desk at work, and not only has it made me the coolest cat on the block for dishin out röpes to the homies, but it’s also served as my balanced breakfast for the past five days

  4. Deanna L Russo

    Love love them. Went through all mine..

  5. Gina grace

    Everyone in my house has a little obsession with Nerds Ropes. This flavor is good. I’ll admit, we all have blue tongues most of the time from eating these! These are just so yummy! The price is fair. We’re happy with this purchase. I buy them on subscribe & save once per month. Great buy!

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