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Since 1983, NERDS candy has always been fun and innovative, with perfectly imperfect shapes that are better together. From the iconic dual-chamber packaging design to the chewy-crunchy texture in Ropes and
Big Chewy NERDS, there’s nothing else quite like them.

In 1985, the National Candy Wholesalers Association named NERDS “Candy of the Year.” In the years to follow, NERDS’ product launches, partnerships and promotions have only helped the brand grow in popularity. In 2001, NERDS Rope was introduced, along with updates to NERDS packaging for the first time since ’85. In 2010, the Food Network’s Unwrapped brought their cameras to our factory, giving the world a peek at how NERDS Rope is made.

NERDS became part of the Ferrara Candy Company in 2018, and soon after, Big Chewy NERDS (and Sour Big Chewy NERDS) hit the aisles featuring a sweet crunchy shell and chewy center.

It certainly has been a wild ride for those sweet little sparks, and 2021 will see NERDS continuing to be better together with the rise of NERDS Gummy Clusters. These crunchy, gummy, yummy bundles of sweetness are yet another NERDS game-changer… and surely not the last!

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